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When to start a company astrologically?

The concept which I am going to discuss here one needs to know what is Amatyakaraka in vedic astrology. Amatyakaraka is the planet in your chart which has the second highest degree of all the planets in the chart. There is debate here in this concept also , some Astrologers follow the seven chara karaka [ amtyakaraka is one of the chara karaka ] scheme while some follow the eight chara karaka scheme [ in eight chara karaka scheme rahu is also included along with other seven planets ] . I am in the group who follows eight chara karaka scheme. Now one need to know that Amatyakaraka is the significator of career or money in Jaimini astrology. This is the planet which determines the profession of a chart.

Most important thing which one needs to see now is that is there any planets very close to Amatyakaraka of the natal chart in transit when the comapny is getting formed . For example your amatyakaraka lets say is Saturn in 25 degree gemini in natal chart and Mercury is very close to 25 dergree transiting gemini when the company is getting formed. The palnet need not to be mercury the planet can be any planet but while transiting the planet need to close to the amatyakaraka under consideration. 

The third thing which needs to be seen now is to determine the day of incorporation. Lets say the previous case Mercury would close to saturn ( natal ) for 2 to 3 days. Choose the day based on the Moon transit . Moon transit would determine the first dasa which the company is going to run after formation. For example on those 3 days moon would transit lets say Punarvasu [ Jupiter Nakshatra ] , Pushya [ Saturn Nakshatra ] and Asleshya [ Mercury Nakshatra ] . Now lets say Jupiter during that time transiting Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius. You the owner [ Proprietor / Director ] is running the dasa of Venus . For this case choose the day when Moon transits Jupiter nakshatra - since Venus your dasa lord is the despositor of Jupiter in Libra.

The fourth and final thing is the timing the formation on a given day i,e determining the lagna of the company. Choose the Lagna based the products or services which you want to sell . The list is big here and we would discuss that in my further articles . I just want to conclude this article by giving one example . For example you want to sell baby products choose the lagna in such a way that 5th lord is conjoined or aspected by 2nd and or 11th lord. 

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