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What world think about us - Concept of Arudha Padas in Vedic Astrology 

Students of Astrology are familiar of 12 houses or bhavas in Vedic Astrology. In this article I would discuss the topic of Arudha Padas i,e what world think about us in each areas of life . I  would explain with a real example of Susmita Sen a film actress and 1994 Miss Universe Pageant winner how she won the 1994 pageant astrologically using arudha padas. 

The above is the chart [ In mobile version of my site chart is not there you need to see from desktop version if you want to see the chart ] of Susmita Sen born on 19th November 1975 at 7:05 am at Hyderabad. The above chart we can see A11 , A10 and so on and so forth written on some of the houses of her chart. A11 A10 is the arudha pada of 10th house and 11th house of the above Rasi chart. Other arudha padas are indicated by respective numbers corresponding to the houses with " A " before them. 

On 20th May 1994 the Miss Universe Pageant was held during the same time Susmita Sen according to Lahiri Ayanamsa running the dasa bhukti antara of Mars - Venus - Mercury. You can see in the above chart that Mars is sitting on the Arudha Pada of 4th house i,e A4 [ Representation of throne ] the BHOGA of bhukti and antara Venus and Mercury is falling on Ascendant where the Arudha pada of 10th house A10 [ Fame in career ] and arudha pada of 11th house A11 [ Fulfillment of desires ]. As I have mentioned Arudhas are nothing but what world thinks about us so that very day she became the winner of Miss Universe with A4 , A10 and A11 operating is some form or other with dasa bhukti and antara.

In further articles we would touch upon several charts and several concepts of Vedic Astrology. Like my Facebook page to know when I am posting new articles.

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