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How to see the fate of both father and mother from your own astrology chart

All depends on how precise the time of your birth was being recorded when you were born. If your time of birth is gross then one needs to see only Rasi ( D1 ) chart for parents destiny . But if the time of birth is recorded with utmost precision then there is seperate divisional chart for both the biological parents namely Dwadasmsa ( D12 ) chart.

Astrologically 4th house is the house of mother and 9th house is the house of father. So to see whats presently happening in their lives one needs to make 4th house as the ascendant for mother and 9th house as the ascendant for father. Seeing from Rasi chart one can have a rough idea whats going on in their lives and while seeing from Dwadamsa ( D12 ) chart detailed picture of their life can be obtained. It can also be seen in case of accurate birth time seperate dasa for D12 chart that makes the picture even clearer . By separate dasa I mean the most relevant nakshatra dasa ( there are 9 in total ) of that chart. 

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