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How to see the fate of all your siblings from your own astrology chart

In vedic astrology there is a seperate chart for your biological brothers and sisters namely Drekkana ( D3 ) chart. This chart can accurately predict the life of all your siblings. It is very important that your own time of birth is accurate otherwise you can't predict with D3 chart. If your time of birth not very accurate then one has to see only Rasi ( D1 ) chart for your siblings as well. The rules to see the fate of individual brothers and sisters are the same for both D1 and D3 chart.

For example you have 5 siblings 3 older than you and 2 younger than you. The immediate elder siblngs are seen by 11th house ( so we have to make 11th house as ascendant to see the fate of your immediate elder sibling ). The sibling before him is seen by 9th house and eldest one by 7th house .We need tomake 9th house and 7th house as ascendant in your D1 or D3 chart to see the fate of that particular sibling. Similarly the immediate younger siblings is represented by 3rd house and the one after that by 5th house. Same as before we need to make 3rd house and 5th house as ascendant to see the fate of those 2 siblings.

Now say there is one more condition you have 8 siblings 5 elder to you 3 younger to you. In this case the elder siblings are seen by making the following house as their ascendant namely 11th ,9th ,7th, 5th, 3rd and the younger siblings 2nd, 4th and 6th house as their ascendant.

In the case when you are seeing Drekkana ( D3 ) chart for analysis you can also see the most relevant conditional nakshatra dasa ( total 9 of them ) for that given D3 chart.

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