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How to see the astrology chart of a politician and their active years ?

The most important house which needs to be seen in a politician's chart is 7th house - the house of other people or public in general.  Then the next most important house is 3rd house - the house of party workers. It has to be seen that in a politician's chart their should be the conjuntion or aspect of 3rd lord with lagna lord or the lord of 1st house. For a politician with mass following their has to be a defenitive relation of 1st house lord and 7th house lord either by aspect or conjuction or exchange. One more important thing which has to be present is the aspect or conjuction of 7th lord with 2nd and / or 11th lord. If 10th lord comes along with 7th lord fame increases but not an essential condition for a politician. Same thing would be seen in D10 dasamsa chart as well.

The politician can only win an election when the dasa bhukti of 7th lord or the planet aspected or conjoined with 7th lord runs in dasa bhukti. Till the time such situation last one can be on power . Once such dasa bhukti ends their career as a poliician ends as well.

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