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How to analyze Relationships from Navamsa D9 chart ?

In this the first article I am writing on 2016 perhaps its been long 6  years since I have decieded to write articles for the readers of my site . This write up would be about how to see relationships from Navamsa chart. I am assuming that my readers are moderatly knowledgable about the basics of Vedic Astrology .

Navamsa is also called D-9 ( Divisional Chart - 9 ) Apparently it look like any other Rasi chart . To see a relationships from Navamsa one should first see 7th house from the Ascendant ( Lagna ) of the Navamsa. 7th house lord or the occupant of the 7th house in their respective Dasa or Bukti at a suitable age gives the first relationship of the native. The second relationship is similarly seen from the 8th house from 7th i,e 2nd house from Ascendant. Now the question why 8th house counting ? Its because the first relationship needs to be over for the second relationship to happen and 8th house from a house is the house of death for that house. So 8th house from 7th house i,e 2nd house lord or occupant in their Dasa or Bhukti  would give second relationship. Similarly if there are any further relationships then it would be seen from 8th house from the previous relationship house . Thus just taking a hypothetical case that one person had 5 relationships in his life time. Then the first relationship is indicated by 7th house , 2nd relationship by 2nd House , 3rd relationship by 9th house, 4th relationship by 4th house and the 5th by 11th house from the Lagna of the Navamsa chart.

Thus we have started the basic journey of Navamsa chart . In my further articles we would go deeper and deeper about Navamsa


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