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Astrology chart or astrology combinations of a Doctor

There are several combinations which has to be satisfied in an astrology chart of a doctor. First of all the conjunction or aspect of 4th and 6th lord in Rasi ( D1 ) and Siddhamsa ( D24 ). This combination is necessary for studying medicine . The next important combination is the combination of 6th lord and 7th lord either in conjunction or aspect . This combination is necessary for seeing patients . The next important combinations is to have the conjuction or aspect of 6th and 10th lord. This is very important combnation to command respect in the medical profession. Last combination which also needs to be satisfied is the conjuction of 6th lord with 2nd and /or 11th lord in Rasi ( D1 ) or Hora ( D2 ) chart. 

If we summerise the combinations for a successful doctor is the association of 2nd , 4th, 6th , 7th , 10th and 11th house. It also important that these combinations have relation with Leo or Virgo or Scorpio or Pisces. Another important observations are also found that above combinations have got to do  with 6th /12th axis of a chart.
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