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Are you having the blessings of Jupiter this year ?

I believe the students or followers of astrology have heard or known about Jupiter as a planet or graha in vedic astrology. You need to know that Jupiter is considered as the most benefic planet in vedic astrology.  For some ascendant or lagna Jupiter is benefic , for some neutral and some malefic but transit Jupiter when it is transiting beneficial houses from natal moon its always brings good results irrespective of the fact Jupiter is favorable or unfavorable for a particular ascendant or lagna. In vedic astrology we consider the transits from natal moon. Jupiter when favorable in transit it promotes peace,pleasure and prosperity of the native in most of the cases. When I say most of the cases its because if the person is running a very unfavorable dasa or bhukti in that time the positive results of transit Jupiter is less. 

Jupiter gives favorable results when it transits 2nd or 5th or 7th or 9th or 11th house from natal moon. At present moment Jupiter is transiting zodiac sign Libra till 11th October 2018 . So all the Moon signs namely Virgo [ Kanya ] , Gemini [ Mithun ] , Aries [ Mesh ] , Aquarius [ Kumbha ] or Saggitarius [ Dhanu ] are having the blessings of Jupiter this year till 11th October 2018. 

So if your moon falls in any of the above sign you can plan for good things this year .By good things I mean be it start of a relationship or marriage , new job or new business , planning for child birth, planning to rent or buy a new house and other similar good things which gives happiness to an individual.  
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