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Are you fortunate or unfortunate in love relationships from Navamsa D9 Vedic Astrology chart ? 

To determine the fortune of having pleasures from relationships one needs to know the karaka , the significator of relationship is benificially placed or placed with affliction in Navamsa chart. Venus is the Karaka for female partner in a male chart and Jupiter is the Karaka for male partner in a female chart. By chart I mean Navamsa chart .

If Venus is conjoined or aspected by 7th and / or 11th lord one would definitely be fortunate in having pleasures from female relationships. If Venus is conjoined or aspected by 1st and / or 5th and / or 9th lord one is also considered to be happy in relationship with female. 11th lord aspect to Venus might give multiple relationships also. 5th lord aspect to Venus is also considered good for having love in relationships. 9th lord aspect to Venus is also considered good for having dedicated partner in relationships. When I say Venus I talk about male chart . The same thing is applicable for female chart with Jupiter instead of Venus.

Now lets see the unfortunate combination for relationships in Navamsa chart. If Venus is conjoined or aspected by 6th lord and /or 8th lord and / or 12th lord one would have misfortune in relationships with female . If its all them together aspecting or coinjoined with Venus one would be either a celbate or forced to do that in this life time or atleast adviced not go for relationships. The same is true with Jupiter for female chart.

Interestingly almost 80 percent charts would have the mix of both fortune and misfortune. In such case fortune or misfortune would be determined by seeing the aspectes and conjuctions in Transits and Dasa Bhukti operating at the moment. Sometimes interestingly we can see whether a particular relationship is beneficial or detrimental by knowing the relationship number which I taught in my first article of Navamsa. I taught you which relationship number is for which house in Navamsa in that article now you need to see whether that house lord is aspected by the 1st and /or  5th and /or   7th and /or  , 9th and /or  11th lord [these are all benefic group ] or 6th and /or  8th and /or  12th lord [ these are all malefic group ]. Thus you would be able to determine which relationship would be lasting .

Take an example of a man having his 3rd relationship then if 9th lord [ lord for 3rd relationship ] of Navamsa is aspected by benefic group mentioned above ones relationship would last and if with malefic group then it would be under threat. See my second article in Navamsa series whether to see whether there is threat to that relationship at present moment or not.

So we will continue in our journey of Navamsa even more and more with further articles. If you are interested to know when my articles are published then like my facebook page on the top right hand corner of my site.

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