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How to see whether one is running a bad time in love relationships from Navamsa D9 Vedic Astrology chart ?

To understand the fact whether one is running a bad time in love relationship one has to understand a concept called " BHOGA " . Here first briefly I would tell you what is BHOGA first. Let us assume Dasa as " A " and Bhukti as " B ". Then lets see the planet " A " in Navamsa and planet " B " also in Navamsa . Then lets see how many houses" B " is apart from " A " and then count the same number of house from " B " to reach a particular house. That house is called the BHOGA of that Dasa Bhukti. For example one is running the Dasa Bhukti of Moon - Rahu . Lets assume Moon is placed in 8th house of the Navamsa and Rahu is placed in 10th house of Navamsa then the BHOGA of Moon Rahu Dasa Bhukti is falling in the 12th house of Navamsa chart according to our previous explanation of BHOGA.

Now if the BHOGA of a particular combination of Dasa - Bhukti some times even Bhukti and Antara if falls in 6th or 12th house of Navamsa then there is a definite problem of relationship during that particular Dasa Bhukti or Bhukti Antara. During that time it is advisable to exercise retrain in relationship otherwise it would lead to breakup ( temporary ) or separation ( temporary ) . This is one definite way to see the bad phase in relationships.

There one simple way to see whether the time is bad for relationship is to see whether one is running the Dasa or Bhukti of 6th lord of Navamsa. In the Dasa of 6th lord there would be constant conflict in love relationships. In the Bhukti 6th lord the conflict would be there but lesser.

There is another way to see problems in relationships . Here you need to see the transit of Saturn or Rahu/ Ketu in your natal Rasi chart .  If Saturn is aspecting or passing through or over 7th lord there would be problems in relationships . And if it coincides with the Dasa - Bhukti - Antara of the 7th lord the problem would be felt for certainty . For  Rahu / Ketu it have to be seen whether they are eclipsing the 7th lord or not who is running the time as either Dasa Bhukti or Antara.

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